Turning Circles!

I’m delighted to share that we are finally reissuing the 2007 album Turning Circles as an expanded CD with Rock Indiana records on 12th October. The 14 track album will feature an additional 10 songs recorded at that time. Furthermore, the first 50 ordered from us will also include a numbered, homemade CD of 26 extra demos and recordings I made in late 2006/early 2007.

All 50 recordings will be available digitally our bandcamp page or via Rock Indiana too.

Originally released in April 2007, this was the first album the Andrew/Alastair/Roy/Stu line up made before Dot the i and Patchwork albums in 2008. Definitely one of the most fun and prolific periods of the band.

You can get it here!

I’ll be playing some of these tunes, and other Dropkick songs, via our Facebook page on Sun 27th Sept at 8pm (UK time): www.facebook.com/dropkickmusic



PS – if you missed it during the covid lockdown, there were 3 new band-related albums released from home in April, May and June. The limited CDs have all sold out but you can still download all 3 albums for free here: dropkickmusic.bandcamp.com