The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness

At the beginning of April there was a new song from TBWTPN, Andrew’s musical project with friend, Gonzalo Marcos, released via Bobo Integral records. Look out for more news in the coming weeks….

You can on Spotify or at all the usual digital sites or download from here

“Another favorite of mine from last year returns, the soft-hearted indie pop of The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness. The band’s sophomore LP hardly left my turntable, mixing power pop and indie pop, jammed with jangles and an emotionally honest core. The band picks right up where the last LP left off with new single “Open Up The Box.” Perhaps even a bit more tender than their last, the song strums easy and lets the caramelized harmonies soar throughout this subtle jangler. No word on whether this is the beginning of the next LP or a standalone, but for now its best just to let the song’s gorgeous aura wash over you.”

Raven Sings the Blues