New Dropkick-related Side Project

Andrew has been involved in a new collaboration with a Spanish musician from the band El Palacio de Linares.

The project is called ‘The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness‘ and the album is titled “Dead Calm” and is released on 1st March. Here is the video for a song from the album, Close the Doors.

After a 7″ single last year, Andrew and Gonzalo decided to get together again and quickly recorded the album, “Dead Calm”. It was all essentially recorded in one session in Madrid and one in Edinburgh, with songs written hours before recording. Gonzalo Marcos plays drums and writes lyrics with Andrew singing/playing instruments and writing the music/melodies. It comes out on Pretty Olivia Records on Vinyl and Download on 1st March. All other digital sites on 8th March. At this stage, there is no plan to release a CD version of the album. You can pre-order it from our shop or, alternatively, get the vinyl directly from Pretty Olivia Records here.