New Album and Spanish Tour

A new Dropkick album ‘Good Vibes: The Dropkick Song Book Vol. 1’ will be released on 13th October 2014 on Rock Indiana Records of Spain. CDs will be available direct from Rock Indiana and you can pre-order the album in download format from Dropkick’s Bandcamp page. The album is made up of new recordings of 12 of Dropkick’s best known songs, originally released between 2001-2008. The full tracklisting is:

1. Breakdown
2. Only For Yourself
3. Obvious
4. Give It Back
5. Figure It Out
6. Good Vibes
7. Crisps And Irn Bru
8. Dog And Cat
9. Where I’m From
10. Open Door
11. Can’t Help It
12. When The Summer Comes Around

The band will also be touring Spain in October, including gigs in San Sebastian, Bilbao, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid and Palma.